I am a Luxembourg artist with German roots currently based in Newcastle, UK. Having graduated with a BFA in Ottersberg, Germany. In 2018 I decided to expand my studies on an international basis and I did my MFA (2 years) at Newcastle University. 
The reason I paint is to create a space in which I can fully explore and express myself. In my paintings, I aim to capture snapshots of my inner landscape and use painting to fathom a state of mind. 
Being wholly present in the artistic process is key to arriving at an experience. Experience means to me that inner experience and outer expression resonate with each other, intertwine and converge in the process. I believe that having this experience during the artistic process is what contributes to the emergence of originality in the artwork. In this case, the artistic process is never an outcome of a predesigned thing. Also, in doing this I am intensely engaged with colour as material.
During my BFA, I found that the idea of the self-portrait as essential to my artwork. I used the figure as a medium to question my position in society and the environment.
On commencing the MFA at Newcastle however, I fully erased the human body in the paintings, although each painting continued to be a kind of self-portrait. I see my paintings as landscapes of my inner self. And I fully agree with Jackson Pollock when he says, ‘Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.’ 
My current paintings are, therefore, in reality, self-portraits, although waiving figuration as such. Thus there are more ways of interpretation and possibilities for the viewer to see themselves in the picture. They and I are confronted with the landscapes of my thoughts, actions, and decisions; my inner self.
I respect individuality and try to subvert mainstream ideas by questioning social standards and norms. I hope to offer a platform that allows the viewer to think about themselves, their position in the world, independent of other peoples’ views.