Sophia Juergens works and lives in Luxembourg. She studied fine art in Ottersberg, Germany at Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen and did a Master of Fine Arts at Newcastle University, UK. 
In her paintings, she captures snapshots of her inner landscape and uses painting to fathom a state of mind. 

Sophia Juergens' paintings are the gradual building up of layers of forms and elements over months, a bit like a "compost heap" of her daily life and impressions.


Those layers show repetitions of bits and pieces that either at some point in the artist's life engraved themselves into her pictorial memory, or impose themselves during the act of painting. She works with pigments, oil, balsam turpentine, and resin. Stirring the colours, and dealing with their consistency, is an essential part of showing the diversity of the haptic of colour on her canvases.